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From ancient bacteria to fungi, primates, and elders - we connect back to living as one surging, thriving community. 

Morgan Hopson is a queer person and citizen of the Tsalgiyi Nvdagi tribe (Ahnigatogewi - Wild Potato Clan) serving as an eating recovery counselor, writer, researcher, and speaker in the occupied Ohlone Territory (Bay Area). Morgan's philosophy is deeply rooted in the notion that Indigenous and Native communities must be protected, honored, and restored in order for climate and social resiliency and sustainability to be possible. Morgan focuses on the decolonization of western anthropology and western bio-medicine as a means of supporting this goal.


Morgan teaches and presents research on eating disorder treatment modalities from an evolutionary anthropological view which aims at restoring social-political-economic-ecological systems in response to the global impacts of capitalism, industrialization, colonial-imperialism, and neo-liberal food politics as eating disorder recovery. Morgan works with individuals, groups, and treatment centers in a wide array of practices including therapeutic healing practices for sexual trauma, sexuality and identity counseling, sustainable fashion coaching, eating disorder education, anthropological research, and dance.

Morgan is of Tsalagiyi Nvdagi Ahnigatogewi (Wild Potato Clan)/Muscogee Creek, Italian, and Euro-Settler heritage from East Texas. As ancestral lineage work, she studies and practices Indigenous Friulian (Italian) Women's medicinal philosophy and Tsalagi life philosophy as a citizen of the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi tribe in East Texas.  





  • Program Associate for Tribal Child Welfare at the Capacity Building Center for Tribes  and National Child Welfare Workforce Institute under the Butler Institute for Families | University of Denver, Present

  • Eating Recovery Counselor 2016 - Present

  • Ecological Farming & Homesteading | Ecuador, 2016

  • Organizational Development | Tanzania, Africa under Dr. Machuma Muyia, 2014 


  • Master of Arts in East-West Psychology, Consciousness, and Transformation - California Institute of Integral Studies, 2018

  • Presenter of "Transcending Duality: Towards Evolutionary and Decolonizing Eating Disorder Treatment Modalities" at the Science of Consciousness Conference | Interlaken, Switzerland, 2018

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Texas A&M University, 2014

Training / Teachings from Community

  • Personal lived experience and healing journey supported by many teachers, guides, mentors, healers, and accountability holders

  • Liberation Academy at the Genesis Healing Institute 2021

  • Certificate of Integral Life Coaching and Holistic Nutrition - The School of Natural Health Sciences, 2018

  • Certificate in Traditional Diné and Meso-American Navajo Peacemaking Circle as Restorative Justice - The Honorable Chief Justice Robert Yazzie of the Navajo Nation, 2017. 

  • Conscious Diversity Training 2016 

  • Wilderness Rite of Passage 

  • Friulian Medicine Women's pre-colonial teaching 2016-Present


" Not an expert. Do not wish to be an expert. Want to aid in the global coalition against societal oppression and domination in all forms. I find one of my main lanes of doing so through organizing eating disorder prevention and eradication efforts in the form of direct action, art, and advocating for global democracy and sovereignty. I identify as a queer non-binary person. I grew up under white settler consciousness and identity in connection with my mother's Italian cultural practices in rural East Texas. Through late teen-hood on, I embarked on the journey with my father in reconnection to our ancestral heritage as citizens of the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi tribe in East Texas on our homeland and the lands of his fore-bearers, as well as, to the pre-colonial practices of my Italian ancestry through teaching and guidance from Friulian medicine women. My journey with food, consumption, my body and sexuality have always been intricately intertwined, and I have found a path to healing through decolonization work in my own life, ancestral healing work, and combatting white supremacy and violence perpetuated in my family as stemmed and inherited from global historical systems. I am most thankful to the Black, Indigenous, women of color, trans and non-binary folks of color, and white folks farther along in their healing journey, for being the knowledge bearers, healers, teachers, guides, and mentors. I am the first in my family to attend/graduate from college, escape poverty and severe drug addictions. I am a sexual assault survivor. I am privileged through race, ethnicity, academic achievement, and being in an able and "ideal" body type under western definitions and perceptions. I have mental health tendencies that coincide with "D.I.D." and "B.P.D." however, I do not identify under western pathologizations of mental health. Rather, I look at these functions as evolutionary adaptations to global systems and incorporate them into my  healing journey as "self". All of these factors shape who I am and my mental health, health, and spiritual recovery. My hope is that sharing what I have learned and experienced might encourage others to explore decolonization and sovereignty as a means of healing in a way that is directly related to all the things that make them, "them". I know full eating disorder recovery is possible and that eating disorders can be eradicated through collective social action and individuals' unique personal healing journeys. "

- With love and dissent from oppression, Morgan 

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