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"Transcending Duality in Socio-Political Landscapes - Towards Evolutionary and Transpersonal Eating Disorder Treatment Modalities"

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Co-Creator and Host of Decolonize Eating Disorders Podcast

Decolonize Eating Disorders is an action-based forum addressing eating disorder diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from a culturally-appropriate and inclusive philosophy based on the Indigenous Food Sovereignty movement. [] ⁣⁣In this podcast we discuss various topics including: decolonizing sexuality and body image, decolonizing land, decolonizing food systems as eating disorder recovery. Join us for juicy guest who are community activist, artists, researchers, academics, and just plain ole' people sharing their journeys.


We welcome all identities and demographics to the dialogue. [] ⁣⁣Please support us on Patreon if you like and utilize the content.

Guest Host on "Magic of the Spheres" Podcast with Sabrina Monarch

Latest on the Magic of the Spheres podcast I had a fun conversation with Morgan Hopson about cultivating sexiness and eroticism. This is like having an erotic relationship to the fabric of reality and the whole environment, like the way clothes feel on our skin, or the smells we take in around us, or the things that catch our eye in a room and excite us — and not just erotics with a particular person, though these erotic relationships with other people are often extensions of the erotic energy that we cultivate within ourselves. We talked about the importance of the value of cultivating the erotic and you’ll find some activating, grounding advice in this episode about how to increase intimacy with yourself and your relationship to the rest of the world around you! Tune into this episode where you listen to podcasts and let us know what you think! - Sabrin Monarch


"Transcending Duality in Socio-Political Landscapes - Towards Evolutionary and Transpersonal Eating Disorder Treatment Modalities"

Morgan presented her research at the international academic "Science of Consciousness" conference in Switzerland and created a therapy outreach education program as a resource for eating disorder treatment centers. Morgan shares this work through conferences, workshops, outreach, and universities.

Research is ongoing in fields of Evolutionary Anthropology, Integral and Depth Psychology, Biology, Ecology, and Indigenous Environmental Science.