"In the case of natural and human-created disasters and conflict-recovery situations, food sovereignty acts as a form of “insurance” that strengthens local recovery efforts and mitigates negative impacts... where we remember that communities affected by disasters are not helpless, and where strong local organization for self-help is the key to recovery" 

-Declaration of Nyéléni

Eating Disorders are a global social equity issue 

Decolonize Land

Decolonize Bodies

Decolonize Sexuality

Decolonize Food Systems


Eating Disorder diagnosis and treatment under the western biomedical model of psychiatry and psychology fails to acknowledge the socially constructed systems and institutions creating disordered eating and dis-ease. 

Unsustainable, oppressive, and harmful systems underpinning capitalism, industrialization, neo-liberal food politics, and colonialism have led to the epidemology of eating disorders which shows up in diverse ways, among various intersectionalities of identity within communities. 

Decolonize Eating Disorders is an action-based forum addressing eating disorder diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from a culturally-appropriate and inclusive  philosophy based in the Indigenous Food Sovereignty movement and Designing Regenerative Cultures framework. 





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Decolonize Eating Disorders is an Organization for Policy Reform and Advocacy 

We believe that everyone should do what is right for them on their recovery journey. While some find medical and therapeutic services most helpful, others find spiritual healing and activism work for them. Most people are somewhere in between, on a continuously fluctuating spectrum. 

This forum prioritizes the marginalized identities of those who have been traditionally left out of eating disorder recovery access and spaces due to race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity/nationality, economic circumstance, or cultural wounding from traditional western bio-medical health and mental health care. In such, we prioritize Indigenous Science, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Literature and Research from Decolonialist Perspectives, and Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Literature from POC, LGBTQ, Two-Spirit Scholars, Activist, Artists, Researchers, and Community Members.  

This is a forum space where individuals, activists, and organizations can share culturally-appropriate eating disorder resources, education, and participate in action-based initiatives for policy change. 

While we offer coaching, consulting, and peer support, this forum is NOT intended for therapy or therapeutic services. If you are in need of therapeutic services, please contact a licensed practitioner. 

Please find a list of peer-reviewed scholarly literature on the content of this forum from the fields and subfields in Anthropology, Indigenous Science, Clinical Science, Clinical Neuroscience, Biology, Human Sciences, Life Sciences, Ecological and Environmental Science, Humanities, Political Science, Physics, and more here. If you would like the reference of licensed practitioners whose work is in this arena, please email us directly. 

Please do what is right for you on your journey of recovery. We are thrilled if this forum space can support you in any way along the way. 

Many Blessings. 

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