Dancing The Threads for Eating Disorder and Sexual Healing

Rosanna currently lives in the Richmond Hills in the Bay Area in California. You can usually find her on the dance floor, in the trees, or behind a book. She is a first-generation Russian American with Jewish and Armenian roots and she believes her upbringing of being between lands, cultures, and languages profoundly shaped her life path and her work. She works with people, both in person and through the magic of the internet offering her unique work as a Soul Development Guide, Embodiment Mentor, Vision-oriented Coach, and more.

Rosanna offered her wisdom and truth for the forum in this Q&A interview:

My mythos is of the primal feminine reclaiming her voice, her body, and her power. I am a shadow tender and a weaver of threads. Through my own underworld journeys, I have found my gifts and my soul work in the realms that our culture fears most: shame, grief, sexuality, and addiction. My relationship with food and my body has been one of the primary catalysts to finding my way home to wholeness. Most of us have been conditioned to hide these struggles and thus have built massive walls of shame around our experience. At some point in my healing and my recovery, I realized that one of the only ways to get through this journey was to give voice to the shame, to take the struggles out of hiding and bring them forward. I committed my life to speak about my journey with food and to create spaces for others to feel safe to do so.

Eating disorders, body image, and sexual shame affect all genders and identities very seriously. However, my particular niche is working with women struggling with these issues. I have been studying the effects of patriarchal culture on women’s relationships with their bodies and sexuality as well as the parallel to deep ecology and ecopsychology. What patriarchy has done to women’s sexuality and body image is a direct reflection of how patriarchy has influenced our treatment of the earth's body.  As a guide who is particularly focused on the importance of initiation and rites of passage, I firmly believe that the lack of initiatory rites leaves many of us struggling to find our home in the world and as a result, struggling to find a home in our bodies. This has been my experience. The lack of control of my life, my traumas, and the absence of mentorship and guidance took me down the path of addiction and controlling the only thing I could: my body and my food. I made myself smaller and deprived myself of nourishment as a coping mechanism for existing in a world that I did not feel could hold me. I grew up with the belief that to be a woman meant to hate one's body, to battle oneself dieting, and to be very unfulfilled sexually. And so, disordered eating was my “initiation” into adulthood, which could have easily taken my life. It breaks my heart and entirely outrages me that this is how so many young women enter young adulthood. It is up to us to begin to tell a different story and pave a different path for the future. 

For me, the journey with food has been intimately woven with coming into the fullness of power and voice as an erotic embodied woman in this world. The relationship between my hunger and my desire, my ‘yes’ and my ‘no’, and my ability to take up space with those desires and boundaries have been parallel learning and healing processes. A huge aspect of my recovery has been to recognize that the path I walk is not just my own, but that of generations of women who have been shamed, silenced, abused, and burned for being in their fullness. I am fascinated by archetypal studies and how we can bridge the individual and the collective, the personal and the cosmological and mythological. Therefore, the work I do with people involves listening for the myth that is living through us, our bodies, and our stories. How is our story a part of the greater whole in which we exist? If our struggles aren’t just about us then perhaps we can find an even deeper meaning for those struggles which we can offer back to the world.

Rosanna Kalashyan


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