Decolonial Love

I have been thinking alot about what decolonial love means to me. I have been taught a limited perspective on love. These perspectives always led me down routes that brought harm into my world. This piece shows my commitment to allowing myself to embrace decolonial love… the love that lets my ancestors kiss my cheeks, the love that lets my family see the real me, the love that forces me to fight for my future grandchildren, and the love that I have for myself.


Lajah Warren

Lajah Warren tθə nə sné. Čsə éɫə sən əƛ̓ lək’wəniʔən. John Warren t̓θə nə mén. Deirdre Warren t̓θə nə tén. My name is Lajah Warren. I am from lək’wəniʔən territory. My father’s name is John Warren and my mother’s name is Deirdre Warren.


 On my papa's side, I come from the Warren and Albany family from Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. We have Cree Ojibwa and Metis heritage from my Kookum’s family. On my mother’s side, we are Icelandic, French, and English.


My artwork is a living representation of my healing journey. My work has influences from my dad whose a Coast Salish carver, and with expressive art influences as well. I love to create ‘imperfect art’ and create for the healing process instead of the final product. 



Sliding scale of $20-30 (+shipping if it is not local to Victoria, BC). Email me ( which print you want to purchase, and your address. Each piece is about 11 x 9 cm. 


Decolonial Love