Walking Together

My ancestors sing to the beat of my heart. 

They sing a song of courage, and with every beat, another piece of them mends back to me. 

With every deep breath, another part of them comes back home. 


As I sleep, I feel my great grandmother's hands petting my forehead,

I feel my great aunties kissing my cheeks. 

I feel generations holding spirit. 


Like a basket- we hold each other up. 

My story is weaved with theirs.

My world is painted with their love. 

My culture is in my DNA. 


My heart beats 

And we all dance 

     Holding hands with the family

Whom I’ve never touched.


Lajah Warren

Lajah Warren tθə nə sné. Čsə éɫə sən əƛ̓ lək’wəniʔən. John Warren t̓θə nə mén. Deirdre Warren t̓θə nə tén. My name is Lajah Warren. I am from lək’wəniʔən territory. My father’s name is John Warren and my mother’s name is Deirdre Warren.


On my papa's side, I come from the Warren and Albany family from Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. We have Cree Ojibwa and Metis heritage from my Kookum’s family. On my mother’s side, we are Icelandic, French, and English.


My artwork is a living representation of my healing journey. My work has influences from my dad whose a Coast Salish carver, and with expressive art influences as well. I love to create ‘imperfect art’ and create for the healing process instead of the final product. 



Sliding scale of $20-30 (+shipping if it is not local to Victoria, BC). Email me (Lajahw@gmail.com) which print you want to purchase, and your address. Each piece is about 11 x 9 cm. 


Walking Together